10 Tips To Be A Great Groomsman On Your Friends Wedding Day

10 Tips To Be A Great Groomsman On Your Friends Wedding Day

Being a groomsman can be an honor, but it also means you have some duties to do on the big day. Wedding planning is stressful enough for the bride and groom, so give them one less thing to worry about by taking care of these tasks! With this list of 10 Groomsmen Duties at Your Friend's Wedding Day, your friends will thank you for being there. To be a great bridesmaid or groomsman, you should ask the bride and groom for a list of tasks to complete. It's their day so don't take any shortcuts on lending a helpful hand.

  1. Groomsmen have many responsibilities at weddings including staying sober enough to help throughout the night, being ready with an emergency kit in case the groom gets cold feet, walking the bride down the aisle and standing as a groomsman during the ceremony.
  2. If you're going to be taking photos at your friends wedding, remember that it's not about getting fun selfies or group shots with other members of your bridal party, but instead posing for pictures that highlight both people in love.
  3. Wedding receptions are all about dancing the night away! Groomsmen should be sure to take care of themselves by staying hydrated and moving around for at least 15 minutes during every hour that they're with guests. They'll want to look fresh faced in photos - not sweaty or tired out from standing still too long. Check out our line of Signature Shirt Stays to keep you tucked and looking sharp.
  4. If you're a groomsman, you should also be prepared to take care of the groom. Between making sure that he doesn't drink too much and helping him get ready for his first look with his new wife (remembering rings and getting help tying a tie), you're going to have your hands full!
  5. Groomsmen typically stand during the ceremony - but that doesn't mean they can stand still! Wedding ceremonies tend to last longer than people expect, so be sure to keep your groomsmen on their feet by having them do light stretches every once in a while.
  6. It's often the bridesmaids who are responsible for keeping other members of the wedding party happy throughout the day. While you don't want to be a pushover, asking other members of your bridal party if they need anything every once in a while is always nice!
  7. Wedding receptions can get pretty loud and rowdy - but that doesn't mean the bride and groom should have to shout over everyone all night long! Speak up when it's time to eat, cut the cake or toss some things into a wishing well.
  8. Wedding photos are always fun - but they're also not easy! Groomsmen should do their best to stay out of the way so that couples can get great shots without people in them. Be sure you keep your groomsmen on track with this one by reminding them to stay out of the frame. And make sure he’s looking his best and staying tucked.
  9. Wedding receptions are all about celebrating - but that doesn't mean you can let loose every single second! Groomsmen should make sure they do their best to take care of themselves by eating, drinking water and getting quick breaks throughout the night. The bride and groom will thank you for it!
  10. Being a groomsman means you're part of something special - and that's why it's important to be there for your friends all the way up until the end. Wedding receptions don't have an official last call, but if you notice that people are starting to leave then make sure to check in with the bride and groom about when they want

Wedding planning is a lot of work - but the big day doesn't have to be. Groomsmen should complete these tasks on their friend's wedding day, giving them one less thing to worry about! To help you with your bridal party duties as groomsman at a friend's wedding, this list covers all of those important tasks!

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