If you're reading this post, I'm certain you've already scoured the internet in preparation for your next interview.  But here are 6 tips that you haven't heard that will help you stand apart from the crowd:

  1. Look up your interviewers on LinkedIn, have specific questions prepared for them based on their role and background.  Did they go to school at your Alma Mater?  Perfect!  Make sure you talk about it!  Have they been at the company in several roles?  Great!  Ask them about career progression and if there's room for growth in the role you're interviewing for.
  2. Know everything there is to know about the company - have they been in the news lately? How long have they been around? How are they structured and business organized? What is their CEO interested in? Do they have any causes/non-profits they support?  Do they partner with any other companies?  These are all things you should know about the company so you're not asking dumb questions.
  3. Have physical work?  Show it!  Bring a portfolio.  A leather-bound portfolio looks professional  and shows you're prepared.  Make sure to bring a few extra copies of your resume too.  Here are a few portfolios that look great for the price: Samsonite [google.com] & Gallery [galleryleather.com]
  4. Have written positive feedback or endorsements?  Include them on the backside of your resume in this format:
  1. Within 24 hours after the interview (and preferably within the first 2 hours), write a killer thank you letter that focuses on what you would accomplish in your first 90 days on the job, including: what contributions you'd make, how you would become up to speed quickly, and what you'd like to accomplish.  Be specific.
  1. Look the part

Have others? Let us know if the comments below. 

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