How to Put on Shirt Stays

How to Put on Shirt Stays

Shirt stays are really simple and comfortable to wear. An extra 30 seconds to put on a set of shirt stays will keep you looking neat and tucked all day. Take a look at our shirt stay tutorial or follow our guide for the quickest way to put on shirt stays.

Check out this quick video to learn how:
 Open the buckle and slide to lengthen.
Adjust Shirt Stays
Slide the black button down to open the grip.
Pinch shirt tail between the button and grip. Slide to secure.
Attach Shirt Stay Grip
Attach to shirt and socks running along the outside of each leg.
wearing shirt stays

Once both sides are attached, slide adjuster to a comfortable length. These don't need to be SUPER tight. They should provide just enough tension to keep your shirt gently pulled down when standing up straight.

Not comfortable? Try adjusting where you clip the shirt stays to your shirt. We recommend by the hip and back of you leg.


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