Shirt Stays at the Airport

Shirt Stays at Airport

There’s nothing like arriving at your destination after a long day of travel and looking as neat and fresh as you did when you started your day. FancyBoy & Co's Shirt Stays keep your shirt tucked in, help reduce wrinkles and make travel more comfortable. 

But what about going through airport security wearing shirt stays? No one wants extra attention from the TSA, so we're here to tell you what to expect next time you hit the road. We've gone through several airports and here is our experience. 

Shirt Stays Through a Metal Detector 

This is the standard metal detector that most of us are familiar with. They've been around forever and you'll see these at the courthouse, ballgames and usually in the TSA Pre-Check line. 

Our clips and adjusters are nickel plated steel. This means that THEY CAN BE DETECTED. Will you be stopped for further inspection? Possibly, but in our experience we've never been stopped. Metal detectors have an adjustable threshold for what will and wont set them off. This is why most pants or jackets that have metal buttons and zippers don't set off the machine. 

In our experience we've never had the detectors go off and security had no idea our secret to being the most well dressed traveler.  

Full Body Scanners

These are the latest scanners most airports use. They're huge and require you to put your hands over your head as a giant scanner moves across the machine.

These machines look for mass on the scan and will see the clips of your shirt stays. It doesn’t matter if they are all plastic. We have been stopped when going through these scanners. The monitor highlighted little areas along the legs where the clips and adjuster are located.

The Pat Down 

Once the full body scanners detected the shirt stays the TSA agent proceeded to perform a pat down on the outer leg. A simple "I'm wearing shirt stays to keep my shirt tucked in" was all I said. He nodded, wrapped up the pat down and I proceeded to my gate without incident. Shirt stays are more common that you might think and the TSA is familiar with them.


Do you have another experience? We'd love to hear about it. Send us your story at or comment below.


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